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Are you a business owner looking to purchase a home but have no idea where to start the whole process? Have you spent countless hours looking at contradictory information online written by people who probably know less than you do? Maybe you have started in earnest down the path to home-ownership but feel like you need both a mathematics degree and degree in bureaucracy to understand all the pitfalls and traps experienced by entrepreneurs that seem to thwart your progress. Well this book was written for you! You see, I am just like you. I am a Black entrepreneur. I have experienced most if not all of the same struggles everyone else has in trying to buy a home as a self-employed person. However, I am also a mortgage banker with over 10 years of experience helping small business owners buy homes. I know firsthand, from both sides of the coin, the feelings, challenges, and confusion you feel. But, I also know the solution to each problem self-employed, would-be-homeowners face, because I have solved them for my clients and for myself. My book will teach you step-by-step all the things you need to do to make sure you: 1. can qualify for the mortgage 2. can choose the right home 3. reap the benefits financially 4. plan for the long term to ensure that home-ownership builds generational wealth (or at least gives you security in retirement) My book is packed with professional guidance, tips, and pivotal information that you will not find searching on Google. Buying a home as an entrepreneur is a totally different ballgame from buying one as a salaried employee. There are a lot of things they don’t tell you…but I’m here to give you all the secrets.
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